We are an indie game developer team of 2. Our little studio is based in Turkey. Creating fun games was the biggest dream of us and last year we have started to fulfill this. We have published 3 games and many more is yet to come.



Hey there, cute owl lovers! Get ready to join our cute idle carpenter owls in the heart of the forest in our new lumber tycoon game. Play now to build a lumber owl business with carpenters creating cute furnitures.

In this tycoon simulation, you'll be the boss of your own cute owl crew, responsible for creating a thriving business in the jungle. Dress up your owls and enhance their creativity to help them build beautiful furniture and lumber sculptures to sell for a profit.

The forest is an idle environment, with carpenter owls working with joy to help you build your lumber empire. But running a lumber business isn't easy, so don't forget to dig the soil to feed your carpenter owls with worms and give them a peaceful environment to work even faster.

As you progress through the game, you'll unlock new adorable carpenter owls to join your team and combine your talents to craft even more stunning accessories and sculptures.




This is your time to have an animal farm. You will create a safe and healthy environment for pets. You will have fields to grow wheat to feed your pets and will have veterinary service for animal care. You should have a good strategy to grow your business while keeping your animals safe and healthy.

Although this is a business which centers pets love, you should still grow your business and make a lot of money to keep things working. By making enough money you can have more animals and discover new species. And this are all your responsibilities. You will have idle income both in game and offline. There will be customers who want to help your farm and they will throw money to wishing fountain and you can collect this idle money to improve the life quality of your pets.




Have you ever imagine driving your dream car? It's your chance to make people's dreams come true. In Car Shop Tycoon, your job is to run the best car shop of the town. Isn't it the best way to become a billionaire in a tycoon game?

You as a businessman are in charge of everything, making bad or good decisions is up to you. Your priorities while running your business will affect the money you make. It's your job to control the car shop.You will invest in your shop and ad new cars and luxury brands to your store. At the beginning of your journey to become a tycoon, you will have a small store and a small parking space. Once you start to make money you should invest it in your shop and add new car types and brands. Your customers will come to your store by their old and broken cars. So you need to increase the capacity of your parking space to attract more customers.




Create the best campsite and let people enjoy the holiday paradise!
Idle Camping Empire is a new age 3D idle game which simulates running a campsite. All you need is cash and having fun. Your campsite is waiting for you. While playing Idle Camping Empire, you will have the best job to become a billionaire.

As The Boss, you need to create a camping paradise and give people the best holiday experience.

In this journey you will be in charge of everything. You need to develop strategies and make some critical decisions.
Every decision you make will affect the future of your business. It's your job to start at zero and reach the top. You will have the best islands to build your campsites. So, it's your time to take control of everything and provide the best camping experience to your customers.




Idle Furniture Store is a 3D idle game which simulates to own a deco store. You are the BOSS!! So, it's your job to provide the best service to your customers.❤️

We know dealing with customers and their never ending needs can be hard but this is the reason for you to play. We believe there is no one out there to handle this better than you.
Come on BOSS the adventure is waiting for you.....

You will start from the zero but you will make it a tycoon. Every decision you make will affect the future of your store. You are in charge, this is your company, all decisions are up to you!!!
How far can you make it go from a sofa? You will be given all the statistics of your store and the ability to improve anything.You need to make good choice about where to spend your money.




Have you ever dreamed of running a beach and being tycoon? Here is your chance... All you care about is cash and having fun! Your private beach is waiting for you!!! 🌊

Idle Beach Tycoon is an idle / management game but not like other idles, in this tycoon game you will have the most fun job to be a billionaire.

You are the BOSS! Starting this journey is the first step for you to be a billionaire and start to live the life you've been dreaming of all the time. You have the best lands along the seaside to start your business. 🌴

Here are some of upcoming features:
⭐ Casual and entertaining gameplay🌴
⭐ Different strategies to improve your business🌴
⭐ Beautifully designed lots of levels.




Own a railway company , get better trains and travel the world to have tons of cash..This is your chance to make tons of money for your company by carrying thousands of passengers around the world.

In Idle Train Station Tycoon, you are the boss that controls all the trains and stations.Idle train station tycoon is an easy to play but addictive game. You will find yourself in a railway world full of colorful and high-tech trains. You will make lots of cash and grow your business as the Boss. Keep growing your business to travel and invest in your dream countries.This is the idle clicker game you've been looking for for a long time.

Here are some of upcoming features:
⭐ New train models.
⭐ New worlds and quests.
⭐ New language options.



The world was taken over by a civilization from another galaxy. The world leaders were accepted the defeat and left the control of the world to them. Professor Uka , who also lost his loved ones in the battle, couldn't accept the defeat and decided to save the world on his own.... He has started making scientific researches in his underground lab, his dreams were shaped by super hero stories which have been told for hundreds of years....

In Idle Super Hero Factory Tycoon, you are Professor Uka and you are the one who is going to save the world from evils.You have to start by buying subject animals and elements to help you increase your money for big projects.



This is a 2d simulation/ idle clicker game.Your goal is to become rich and enjoy your life as a freelancer developer.You have unlimited options to do in the game. Not like other games, you are working in a relaxing environment and you can always add new things to your world. Things you buy for your workplace affect your psychology and helps you work better. You complete tasks buy clicking.You will become a faster clicker step by step.Don't forget to open the gift box on your llama to win cash every hour.

In the beginning of the game, you need to complete simple jobs for little money. Since it is a simulator/idle clicker tycoon game, you get experience everytime you complete a contract you start to earn much more money like in real life.You should be aware of that your character gets hungry and loose his mental health.In the market place you can buy foods, equipment for your job and furnitures. You have plenty of things to buy in the shop. From a brand new computer to a caravan. You just need to have cash!



Guard of the light invites you to an exciting fantasy world. Your mission is to save the world by defending the light.

The dark future is our games battle arena.It was expected, the aliens will come for us.They did!When people were getting ready for the biggest battle to defend our world, we understood what their main goal was not to destroy us but our LIGHT!

These aliens, which coming from a different universe, has only one aim.Stealing our light! This civilization which believe the fire is the child of the sun and have been looking for the light in all over space has found what they are looking for in our world.Since these aliens came, our light have faded day by day and finally got complete dark. While we gave up and getting ready to surrender, he came! Guard of the light!!! This guardian is a friendly alien who is coming from the civilization of the sun and he is the only way to save our world.He is the god of the civilization which devoded theirselves to protect the sun.